Friday, 17 May 2013

Grade 12 Standard Exam Department of Education Student Supports

 Grade 12 Standard Exams Department of Education Approved Exam Supports

The resource teacher and the principal request adaptations(3.3.1 Proceedures for requesting adaptations document pg.5, using the arrow button its pg. 11 ) Department of Education at the beginning of every fall and winter semester to obtain approval for identified students to receive exam supports.  
The Resource teacher organizes Educational Assistant (E.A.) support for students who write their final exams.   

Department of Education Approved Supports (supports.3.2 Adaptations pg7-8 of document, using the arrow button its pg.13-14) listed below:

*Alternate place to write exam, less distractions     
* Supervised movement breaks to refocus

*Reading the exam questions                                    
 *Use of computer to type answers
*Check the exam question and student’s understanding of what that question is asking them to do (this does not involve telling students the answer to the question)

*Restating the word with another word that means the same thing but is more familiar to the student

*Scribe: E.A. writes exactly what the student says with no changes to the answer given by the student

*Cue: remind student of an activity they did in class to jump start their memory 

Please know that support during the exam follows strict rules to preserve the validity of the exam and simply evens the playing field for your son/daughter to realistically show what they learned in the above courses.   

Lisa Holbert: Resource