Thursday, 23 May 2013

M.B.C.I. Academic Student Support Services for Grade 8 S.B.M.S. Students Transitioning to M.B.C.I.

Parents of identified grade 8 students currently attending S.B.M.S. are invited to attend a Transition Meeting usually during the Month of May or first the part of June.

 S.B.M.S. Resource contacts parents of identified grade 8 students to arrange a meeting with M.B.C.I. Resource to take place at S.B.M.S. .

Transition Meeting Agenda can look like the following:

*an opportunity to meet M.B.C.I. Resource

*an opportunity for M.B.C.I. to meet the family and the student

*an opportunity for the family and the student to tell M.B.C.I. Resource about themselves and identify what they hope will be the best way to achieve success at the high school.

*the family and the student will learn about supports offered at the high school to assist the student with:

  • daily class work
  • quizes
  • tests
  • exams

*ask questions about what to expect at the high school regarding a wide variety of topics:

  •    types of credits
  •    how credits are taught at high school
  •    academic expectations to obtain credits
  •    academic supports
  •    current plans to achieve future goals for after high school
  •    volunteer and work opportunities

The Transition Meeting is a neat way for us all to learn about each other and look forward to the future for grade 8 students starting grade 9.

S.B.M.S. Resource